HTML/CSS:Creating A Basic Template

1:HTML/CSS:Introduction 2:Creating A Basic Template 3:Setting Up The Body
4:Adding Tags 5:Selectors 6:Pseudo-Selectors
7:Negation Pseudo-classes 8:CSS3 Selectors 9:Laying out The Website
10:Starting The Styling 11:Styling The Navigation 12:Making It Pretty
13:Finishing The Layout 14:Styling Header and Navigation 15:The Flexible Box Model
16:The Flexible Box Model Layout 17:Reversing The Box Order 18:The Flexible Box Model Tricks
19:Finishing The Box Model 20:Rounded Corners & Shadows 21:Shadows,Gradiens,Alpha
22:Transformations 23:Animations With Transformations 24:Rollover Buttons
25:Inserting Videos To WebPage